General bioengineering curriculum – online

The curriculum is designed to develop students with deeper understanding of general bioengineering concepts and more business acumen through coursework and a capstone project.  The in-depth technical training combined with the core business classes required will develop well-rounded professionals entering the healthcare industry.

Course requirements

Students enrolled in the M.Eng. online program under the general bioengineering concentration are required to take the following core and elective classes:

  • BIOE 570 — Seminar in Bioinstrumentation (1 hour each, taken twice) – Various speakers from industry share their real world experiences and knowledge.
  • BIOE 573 — Managing Business Operations (4 hours) – Covers fundamental business concepts, including project management, process management, supply chain management and product development.
  • BIOE 574 —Innovation and Introduction to Financial Decision Making (4 hours) – Covers further business-related topics such as intellectual property, the innovation process, systems engineering, and designing for requirements.
  • BIOE 575 — Team Project (3 hours each, taken twice) – see “Capstone Project – Online” section
  • Electives (16 hours) – Students can choose from relevant bioengineering online classes, as well as technical classes offered outside of bioengineering.  Prior approval of selected electives will be required.

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