Curriculum Overview

The Master of Engineering in Bioengineering is an intensive, one-year professional degree program.

The program trains students to be industry leaders by combining rigorous graduate-level technical coursework with fundamental business training on issues that confront professionals in the health care industry.

The program is designed as a unique discovery experience, offering greater technical depth than is possible in an undergraduate program, while providing the tools you’ll need to successfully work within multidisciplinary teams. The coursework provides opportunities to become proficient within your technical discipline at the graduate level, and the background to become an effective manager or supervisor in the health care field.

Students need to complete the following coursework requirements:

  • Minimum of 32 credit hours comprised of 18 hours of Bioengineering coursework, 8 hours elective coursework, and 6 hours of professional development.
  • Students must select the concentration track they plan to complete at the time of admission. Students cannot complete multiple concentrations.

For details about the specific coursework required for each concentration: