Bioinstrumentation Curriculum

Fall Semester

In the fall semester, students will take BIOE 571, which teaches the underlying engineering concepts behind excitation and sensing that are used throughout medical imaging modalities (such as ultrasound, MRI, CT, X-ray), microscopy, and biodetection. BIOE 573, taught by faculty in the College of Business at Illinois, introduces students to the key processes and methodologies used to create bioinstrumentation products, with topics that span development of product requirements, the FDA approval process, software/hardware validation, risk analysis, and project management.

  • BIOE 570 — Seminar in Bioinstrumentation (1 hour) – Various speakers from industry share their real world experiences and knowledge.
  • BIOE 571 — Biological Measurement I (4 hours) – Introduces fundamental concepts related to the detection and analysis of biological analytes, biomedical images and physiological parameters.
  • BIOE 573 — Managing Business Operations (4 hours) – Covers fundamental business concepts, including project management, process management, supply chain management and product development.

Spring Semester

During the spring semester, students will take BIOE 572, an engineering course that builds on BIOE 571 by introducing advanced concepts and technologies in bioinstrumentation. In Spring, all students also will take BIOE 574, which covers further business-related topics such as intellectual property, the innovation process, systems engineering, and designing for requirements.

Students will work on their applied consulting project during the Spring semester.  They will take what they have learned, and apply it to solving a real-world problem posed to them by one of the program’s partner institutions.  Projects will include elements of competitive analysis, product design, prototyping, and pilot testing.

  • BIOE 570 — Seminar Series (1 hour) – Various speakers from industry share their real world experiences and knowledge.
  • BIOE 572 — Biological Measurement II (4 hours) – Advanced techniques relating to state-of-the-art bioinstrumentation technologies.
  • BIOE 574 — Bioinstrumentation Innovation (4 hours) – Covers fundamental business concepts, including finance and innovation.
  • BIOE 575 — Applied Consulting Project (6 hours)